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February 25th, 2018 - The Sewing Room

Just a quick post. I’ve been working on a real oldie BOM from LizzieBCrea8ive called Piece, Love, & Applique. It’s very time consuming as I have to do some applique on every block.  And on my mother’s machine. Oh how I miss my Bernina. I should hear something this week.  This BOM would have taken less time if I did it every month when I originally purchased it.  I will post pictures when I’m done. Right now I’m up to Block 7, halfway done. I didn’t include it in my stash report but once again when I’m finished I will do the math. I did cut out some sashing for another old BOM where I actually have the finished blocks.

Fabric used this week: 2.46 yards

Fabric used YTD: 26.97 yards

Fabric added this week: 43.14 yards

Fabric added YTD: 43.14 yards

Net fabric busted: -16.17 yards

In the sewing room, I’ve been sewing almost every day.  I managed to sew for a total of 30.5 hours with no sewing at all on Saturday. I took my grandkids to a birthday party for my great nephews and I was just too tired to do any sewing after that. I will certainly make up for it today.

I’m linking up to QuiltPaintCreate and Life In Pieces for the stash report and 15 Minutes to Sew. Have a wonderful week.




February 18th, 2018 - This Week in My Sewing Room

I feel like I haven’t done anything since I finished “On Ringo Lake”. I think because that quilt was really intense, meaning large, nothing can compare to it. Anyway, upon looking back, I did make 48 blocks, sailboats and chain blocks, as a block exchange for an upcoming retreat. And then I decluttered my cutting table. I must remember to do that every time I finish a quilt. Right!

I did purchase some fabric for the retreat blocks as I do not have any white on white fabric. I can’t believe it but I used most of it in On Ringo Lake.   And this is what my numbers look like this week.

Fabric used this week: 2.64 yards

Fabric used YTD: 24.51 yards

Fabric added this week: 6.5 yards

Fabric added YTD: 43.14 yards

Net fabric busted: -18.63 yards

Here’s my On Ringo Lake quilt top. The setting triangles need trimming but that can be done when I decide to quilt it. I need to figure out a backing. I have a piece of fabric, 5 yards and I need 5.5 yards so I will need to do some piecing.




And here’s my regatta. I also made 24 chain blocks but never thought to take a picture of them. These were supposed to be batiks but the person running this retreat said as long as they were brights, she was fine with that. What I made out of batiks was the boats and the masts.


On the 15 Minutes to Sew challenge, I’ve done pretty good this week. I managed to sew 31 hours. Sometimes I can’t believe how much I sew.

I’m linking up with Kate at Life In Pieces for the 15 Minutes to Sew  and Donna at QuiltPaintCreate for the stash report.

Have a great week!



February 11th, 2018 - My Week in the Sewing Room

Well, it’s been a good week. No emergencies of any kind!  I took my mother to the doctor for a follow up appointment and she was good. Blood pressure was still in the low range and her breathing and O2 levels are great. No specialist required. Except for her early January hospital stay. She finally gets to see the surgeon on Tuesday. Hopefully all will be good there. Who wants to go through another colonoscopy after having colon cancer treatment. Not her! She said she’s tired of the whole thing and I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. We will see.

On the fabric front, last week I purchased a load of flannel and it’s all washed up, ready to be used as backings. I need to cut it up because I have no place to put it. All the drawers are full and to think I needed to buy more. I’m a little OCD in the matching department and it has to at least go with the front of the quilt for me to use it. No using the wrong shade green or blue for me.

I managed to cut out 2 jelly roll quilts, one for my sister and one for me because I liked her colour choices. I’ve never made a jelly roll quilt before. Now I want to make another one. These are great as comfort quilts because they are super fast and easy but still really nice when you pick the right colours. My go-to quilt pattern for comfort quilts is Simply Squares and now I think it’s a jelly roll quilt.

I’m linking up with Donna at QuiltPaintCreate for my stash report.

Fabric used this week: 8.54 yards

Fabric used YTD: 22.87 yards

Fabric added this week and YTD: 36.64 yards

Net fabric busted: -14.77 yards

I’ve been sewing most days except for Thursday and Saturday. But looking at  my total hours, it doesn’t really matter. I had appointments on Thursday and the grandkids on Saturday and they are still here as I write this. Friday I sewed for 9.5 hours, trying to get On Ringo Lake done. And it’s not done but will be this week. I don’t like to start another project until the one I’m working on is done. So the push is on because I’m going crazy with all these ideas and patterns and fabric to create something new.

I’m linking up with Kate at LifeinPieces for 15 Minutes to Stitch.

Sewing or related activities Sunday to Wednesday : 16 hours

Sewing on Friday: 9.5 hours

Total hours: 25.5 hours

Oh and I had a call about my sewing machine. Apparently it needs a spring that controls the feed dogs and then the tech can see why it doesn’t zigzag on the right once he replaces the spring. So far $7.50 for the spring and $140- for the cleaning/service. I hope it is just a timing issue. Fingers crossed!



February 4th, 2018 - The Stash

Well, I didn’t post last week due to my mom being hospitalized. She ended up having pneumonia but her symptoms were so weird. On Saturday, she was so confused, not a normal thing and she ended up in the ER.  She had really low blood pressure, a slight fever and this confusion which cleared up once the EMTs got her outside. I immediately started thinking gas leak but they assured me that it wasn’t that. Besides she has monitors in the house. Anyway, the ER did their tests and she had pneumonia in her lower left lung, the silent kind. Boy did she dodge a bullet there!  And still with no indicators that she has pneumonia. She is on the mend, back home where she wants to be.

I did manage to do a lot of hand stitching while she was in hospital. I finished the third panel of Cool Guys and now I’m on the fourth and final piece. Hopefully this will go much faster and won’t languish in the bag for another year. My “One Hour to Sew’ this past week is a little down, only 17 hours of sewing with most of that done in hospital. The week before I managed to sew for 30.5 hours. Still trying to finish On Ringo Lake. It’s taking forever and I really, really want to be done and work on something else! I hope to get it done in the next day or two.

My stash took a giant hit yesterday. Hubby and I went over to Detroit to pick up a few parcels at MyDetroitAddress and decided to check out Joanns to see if there were any deals. I couldn’t believe how much flannel I got! It was one of those “Start the car” deals. I bought 36 plus yards of flannel for $91., that’s about $2.50 per yard. And I couldn’t believe I even found any to buy. Usually the selection is so picked over, you have to get bits and pieces to make up enough for a backing. I use the flannel for backings for comfort quilts that 2 friends and I make for people with life altering illnesses. This makes it easier to give away 12 to 15 quilts a year.

Here is my numbers for the last 2 weeks

Fabric used this week: 1 yard

Fabric used YTD: 14.33 yards

Fabric added this week: 36.64 yards

Fabric added YTD: 36.64 yards

Net stash busted: -22.31 yards

I am going on a sewing/quilting retreat the first weekend in March and my sister is coming too. She has never quilted before and this should be interesting. Anyway, I’m cutting up a jelly roll for her to sew her first quilt. All black, grey and white with a black and red border. It’s going to be gorgeous! That will bring those numbers up and I will be cutting up some backings once I get that flannel washed up. Next week’s report will be looking good!

I’m linking up with Donna for the stash report at QuiltPaintCreate and with Kate at Life-in-Pieces for !5 Minutes to Sew.

January 21st, 2018 - The Stash and Sewing Goals

Well, this week sucked, big time! My sewing machine just stopped sewing. It was like the stitch length was at zero. That was on Monday night. I turned it off and tried it again with no luck, I thought ok let’s leave it overnight and see if it fixes itself. Run down there on Tuesday and it still doesn’t work. So I thought it could be a couple of things like maybe the feed dogs or the computer board. And then I thought what if this machine is toast? Yikes. Anyway, I got out the Featherweight and I’ve been sewing on that until I can get my machine serviced.

So on Thursday, I took my machine (Bernina 450, bought in 2010) in and the tech guy looked at it. He took the back cover off and said it looked like it had never been cleaned. I said really!, I take my machine in yearly for service, as soon as I see the icon come up that it needs service, I take it in. So what were those techs doing all those years? Anyway, this new tech guy said he wouldn’t waste money fixing it, that it was an older machine and I should probably buy a new machine. See where this is going. He had a saleslady show me the new and improved machines at the tune of  $5499. US and that converts to about $7400 Canadian with the exchange and taxes. So I said I’d talk it over with my husband and left. As I was driving home, I was a little upset about my machine but then I started thinking about it and came up with the thought that they just wanted to sell me a new machine. The tech guy said he’d give me $100- for parts. Are you kidding me? I have over $5000- invested in this machine with the BSR and the walking foot and the embroidery module. Time for a second opinion! I will keep you posted on that. And there’s no new machine on my horizons unless it’s used or free or I win the lottery and we know what the odds of that are.

Now for that stash report. I finished cutting up all the parts for ‘On Ringo Lake’, the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. Boy, did that take a lot of fabric.

Fabric used this week: 12.36 yards and that’s the complete top

Fabric used year to date: 13.33 yards

Fabric added year to date: 0 yards and let’s keep it that way

Net fabric busted: 13.33 yards

Now I need to finish up the top, I have a couple of steps left. I can’t believe how long it takes for each step! I’m itching to start something new. And it won’t be anything that needs any funky stitches, just a simple straight stitch.

My 15 Minutes to Sew Challenge is coming along great. I’ve sewed every day except for Thursday when I took my machine in. It was a busy day with a couple of appointments also. But my total for the week is 22 hours of sewing. That’s like a part time job! I even babysat my granddaughter one day and had both grandkids for an overnight on Friday. The minute they went home, zoom to the sewing room to try to get this quilt top done. I will post pics when I’m done assembling the top of ‘On Ringo Lake’. I’m getting anxious to see it done.

I’m linking up with Donna at QuiltPaintCreate for the Stash Report and with Kate at LifeinPieces for the 15 Minutes to Sew Challenge.

Until next time!