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October 6th, 2019 - The Machine

Guess what? I finally bought a long arm. Woo Hoo!!!! But it’s not completely reassembled yet. It’s a Gammill Statler Stitch Supreme and it is gigantic. A 14′ table and a 36″ throat. Completely computerized too! And I don’t have a clue how to use it but I can’t wait to give it a whirl. I bought it from a lady who is going out of business for health reasons and I got the greatest deal on it. It needs a new updated computer with Windows 10 and to be professionally serviced. I had to put it in my mom’s basement as it doesn’t fit in my house and our garage needs to be fixed up before it goes in there. Maybe we will get it moved next year.

In the fabric useage department, I am terrible. I was really trying to get my numbers in to the positives but stores lured me in with new fabrics. Quilt instructions got me with incorrect fabric requirements. I just had to buy fabric. On a good note, I cancelled my Stash Builders Box that came in monthly with 2.77 yards of fabric. I was thinking it would be cool to get fabric outside of my normal colours but in the end, I don’t really like what I was sent. Now I need to use it up and get rid of it.

I was going through my stash and found a few panels ready to sew up. I had 3 of these with the coordinating fabric. Now they are in the “To Be Quilted” pile.

I also bought a layer cake, jelly roll and fat 8th bundle in all the same fabric and cut out 2 quilt tops. I sewed up one and saved the other for a quilt retreat.

Now for some numbers

Fabric used this week: 32.5 yds

Fabric used YTD: 139.45 yds

Fabric added this week: 40.49 yds

Fabric added YTD: 170.76 yds

Net fabric busted: -31.31 yds

I am sure once we get the long arm up and running, I can start quilting my big pile of tops. Most needs backs so I’m hoping that my numbers will be in the positives by the year end.

I also took a class put on by the Erie Shores Quilt Guild which I joined last year. It was taught by Melanie McDonald, a certified Jacqueline DeJong teacher. The quilts in the Be Colourful line are awesome. All paper pieced.

This is Chasing Dreams. I worked on it until it was done which took me the whole week after the class. I didn’t want to forget anything I learned in the classes. I even watched a few videos as refreshers. I don’t think I would ever make another one as it was really an intense paper pieced project.

I also rented time on a long arm, which I don’t need to do anymore, and quilted up a quilt for my grandkids. It’s a Holly Bunch pattern, Moving Day, which uses up 12 fat quarters, a Holly Bunch, from Hearts to Holly quilt Shop in Charlevoix MI. I bought it last year and wanted to make sure it was done before Christmas.

I don’t know why I don’t have a picture of the entire quilt and it’s already folded up and put away for Christmas. I made some pillowcases last year or the year before with this mitten print on the cuff so now they have a matching quilt. One usually makes the quilt first. I’m just a little backwards.

In the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge, I have stitched or tinkered in my sewing room every day in the last 5 weeks except for 1 day. I have managed to sew on average for 30 hours per week. I am not watching my grandkids during the week anymore as they are both in school which equals more sewing time. They come on the weekends and their dad is here, so he gets to do the dad thing. I usually only watch them if he works or goes out. They are growing up so fast!

I’m linking up with Donna for the Stash Report at quiltpaintcreate and with Kate at Life in Pieces for the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge.

Have a great week and enjoy this cooler weather. I love fall!

September 1st, 2019 - What’s New?

Nothing is new here at The Quilting Junkie. Oh but wait. Something finally happened. My mom was finally able to go home from the hospital. She has been there since April 12 2019 with a broken ankle. It’s all healed up and she did a couple of weeks of rehab and now she is back in her own home where parking is free. We (my brothers and sisters) will see how she does by herself before we make any decisions about whether she can manage. She has personal support worker that comes in 5 times a week, a physiotherapist once a week and a wound care nurse every 2 days. She does not want to go live anywhere else which makes any other decision we make all that harder. But safety first!

In the sewing department, I have managed to sew quite a bit. Of course, none of it was using my fabrics. I was sitting here one night and I just had to sew something. I didn’t want to start something new as I would have to spend time picking out fabric and a pattern. So I grabbed a donation quilt The Quilters Three was working on.Two weeks later, it’s finally done and put away. I didn’t even take a picture of it finished but I do have a picture of the blocks as I laid them out.

There are 3 borders, a 2.5″ black, a 2.5″ dark blue and then a 8″ floral on black. The finished size is 82 by 100. But what a mess it made in my room. Solid black fabric threads everywhere! Black lint in my machine, everywhere! It took me a couple of hours to get it all vacuumed up. I put the top in a large zipper bag where it will stay until it’s time to send it off to be quilted and that’s not happening here. Now I can start on something else. I spray basted 8 baby quilts while I was sewing with the black. I hope I didn’t get any stray threads on the baby quilts. I was careful.

No stash used up here at all. All fabric has been previously accounted for or it wasn’t mine to start with, so my numbers remain the same. I hope it stays that way for a while. Here are my numbers.

Fabric used YTD: 106.95 yds

Fabric added this week: 2.77 yds (I forgot the Stash Builders Box came in)

Fabric added YTD: 130.27 yds

Net fabric busted: -23.32 yds

And today, my sister, who is a new quilter, wants to go visit the lady who is destashing. I hope she hasn’t put out any new stuff as I really don’t need any more fabric. I won’t bring any money as she only accepts cash. No will power here at all! I have enough fabric and thread to last a few lifetimes.

Speaking of threads. I was looking through FB Marketplace and I scored a great find. I spent $280 and got thread valued at over $3300. I wanted just the Isacord embroidery threads (Bernina recommended threads) but had to buy the whole lot. I have enough thread that I probably shouldn’t need any for the rest of my life. Well, except that one specific colour. You know how it goes!

These are the Isacord embroidery threads, boxes included. I still can’t believe the lady who had them just didn’t have time to sew any more. She was practically giving the stuff away. I cleaned up all the boxes, labelled them and organized by number. This is only about a third of the colours available from Isacord. Do I need the rest of the colours? I think I have enough threads that I should be able to embroider anything.

Aurifil 50 weight threads, boxes included. Quite a bit of thread still has the plastic wrap on it. There is Aurifil cotton in 28, 30 and 50 weight and a couple of spools of wool/acrylic blends, Presencia 50 weight cotton, Wonderfil embroidery, Mettler 40 weight embroidery and 50 weight cotton, Sulky 40 weight embroidery, Superior King Tut, Bottom Line and So Fine and a variety of YLI threads. I already have quite the collection of thread but hardly any of these colours or brands. I better start sewing up a storm with all these fantastic colours. The Aurifil boxes are so bright. I can hardly wait to create something!

In the 15 Minutes To Stitch department, I think I’m over the summer vacation lull. In Week #1, I managed to sew for 18 hours and last week, iIgot in 22 hours with 8 of them happening yesterday. I included all the time I spend sewing, cleaning and organizing in my sewing room.

I’m linking up with Donna at quiltpaintcreate for the Stash Report and with Kate at Life In Pieces for the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge. I hope everyone has a great week and watch out for the kiddos as they are back to school on Tuesday here in Ontario. Yippeeeeee! More time to sew! Sorry kids!

August 19th, 2019 - I tried

To not buy any more fabric. But I couldn’t do it. A lady on FB Marketplace was getting rid of fabric and I went to look and guess what? I bought about 28 yards of it at a great price.

There are dots and chevrons and more dots. I know there is a quilt I want to make using dots and now I have them. Eleven FQs of the same size dots and the same colours of chevrons in FQs. Now to just find that pattern.

On the 15 Minutes to Stitch front, well let’s say that it hasn’t been happening here. Barely stitching in some weeks since I last posted.In the last 6 weeks, I’ve only averaged 13.6 hours per week and if you know me, I usually stitch around 25 hours per week. I think I didn’t stitch for one week at all. Shame! Anyway, now I’m back in the groove of things.

I bought a new machine in March and finally figured out a table for it. My hubby talked me into one of those ‘sit/stand’ tables that computer people use. Both him and my son use one at their workplaces. So we checked around the office furniture stores and boy they are expensive. When we got home, I started looking around on the internet and found just the frame for $299- CAD and ordered it. Once it came, it was a cinch to assemble, no arguments during this process at all. Then it sat in my sewing room with no top while we tried to decide on which top would work. The machine I have, Bernina 770, is quite heavy and from all I have read, you have to make sure your table doesn’t bow or the embroidery module won’t work. Hubby found a 30″ by 60″ by 3/4″, finished on all sides, table top at Home Depot for $36-. Now it’s all set up and I can sew at any height. I have gotten used to sewing at table top height and this is not good for your body. Now with the table lower and at the correct height, I feel like it’s too low. But it works and that’s all good!

Now for some numbers

Fabric used since the last time(7 weeks ago): 14.04 yds

Fabric used YTD: 106.95

Fabric added since the last time: 32 yds

Fabric added YTD: 127.5 yds

Net fabric busted: -20.55 yds

If only I didn’t buy any fabric! Oh well, that is life and I just love the fabric!

In the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge, most weeks I stitched around 10 hours except last week. I managed to get 23 hours of stitching done. That included a few hours at The Mercantile in Chatham ON using their longarm machine. This week I go back on Thursday to quilt another quilt. I need one of these machines but sadly have no space for one.

I hope everyone enjoys these last few weeks of summer. It has gone by all to quickly to actually enjoy. But I love the fall with cooler temperatures and it’s just around the corner.

Have a great week!

June 23rd, 2019 - What’s New

There is a lot going on here at The Quilting Junkie lab. I’ve been busy, made 5 wallets and 2 retreat bags. The large retreat bag is huge!

Canada wallet, small and large retreat bags.

All the wallets are listed in my Etsy shop, The Quilting Junkie.

My stash was getting used up. I count it as I cut it up. I kitted up all the flannel I received from Northcott for comfort quilts. One down, 3 more to sew up and get quilted.

My friend and I went to Quilt Canada in Ottawa ON, 2 weeks ago, and it was great. I really liked all the quilts, lots of inspiration. I didn’t take one picture because there are tons already posted on social media. We met quilters from all over Canada. Very cool! And I didn’t buy any fabric and I didn’t even take the free fabric from the Trend Tex booth. My best purchase was the embroidery module for my Bernina 770. I got the absolute best deal ever! Now I need to finish up a few things and get that monster out and give it a whirl. It’s at least twice the size of my old one.

In the stash department, I was doing really good. Almost back into the positive numbers but then I won a stack of fat quarters at the guild meeting. Check out these numbers.

Fabric used this week: 25.94 yds

Fabric used YTD: 92.91 yds

Fabric added this week: 2 yds(8 fqs I won)

Fabric added YTD: 95.5 yds

Net fabric busted: -2.59 yds

I know it wont take long to get back in to the positive numbers. I have a dress or two to make for my grand-daughter. Maybe this week I will get that done.

As for the 15 Minutes to Stitch Challenge, that’s a different story. The first week, I stitched every day for a total of 31.5 hours. Not bad right? Well the next week which was Quilt Canada week, I managed to stitch for only13 hours, missing 3 days of stitching. Last week, I stitched 15 hours, again missing 3 days. But I made 5 wallets and 2 retreat bags,so I did get a few things accomplished.

I’m linking up with Donna for the stash report at quiltpaintcreate and with Kate for the 15 Minutes to Stitch Challenge at Life in Pieces.

I hope everyone has a great week!

June 2nd, 2019 - MIA

It’s been a while since I have posted. Life!

I have many irons in many fires right now. My stash has taken a hit! Lots of fabrics purchased and the best of all, lots of fabric received.

I wrote an email to Northcott for some man-themed fabric for comfort quilts and they sent me this pile of flannel. Mountain Lodge fabric line and it is beautiful! I decided to cut them up into 10″ squares and make them up in to this quilt top. I managed to get 4 quilt tops with some leftover strips for borders or binding.

It needs a couple of borders. I bought some Northcott black flannel for the first border and then I will use some leftover strips for the outer border. Then I bought some wide-back Northcott flannel for backing. Quilt them up and The Quilters Three will have 4 guy comfort quilts to donate. Beautiful fabrics and super cozy!

I also have 2 commissioned quilts to make. One is a remake of a BOM from the local quilt shop or something along the same line in similar colours. I can’t find the pattern so I used blocks from the Block Tool book and it looks great. Just need to get it quilted and that’s another finish.

The second commissioned quilt is a tumbling block pattern. Not the easy one either. I’m not into y-seams so I found a pattern on Etsy that is strip pieced. Well, I made a sample block and the corners don’t meet up. So I had to make the strips 1/4″ bigger and appears to work out. I emailed the pattern company and I am waiting to here back from them.

Now for some numbers

Fabric used this week: 9.08 yds

Fabric used YTD: 66.97 yds

Fabric added this week: 67.7 yds

Fabric added YTD: 93.5 yds

Net fabric busted: –26.53 yds

I think once I get all these half-finished projects logged in, I will be in the good. In my fabric added, I did include the donation fabric from Northcott, 16.6 yards of it. A big thank you to Northcott!

As for the 15 Minutes to Stitch, it’s hard to make yourself sew every single day. After babysitting the grand kids, I can’t seem to stitch anything. They tire me out. Mentally! And summer is coming. I will have to be on my game to keep up with them. But I’m not complaining, soon they will both be in school full-time and I will miss them a lot.

In the past weeks, I have managed to stitch on average, 19.5 hours per week. Not bad for missing a couple of days each week. I love marathon sewing days. I feel like I get so much accomplished. Today, I’m off to my friend’s house to babysit her cat and do some marathon longarm quilting.

I’m linking up with Donna at quiltpaintcreate for the stash report and with Kate at Life in Pieces for the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge.

That’s it. Have a great week!

And I leave you with a little project I made for this sweetie pie. It took me hours to sew those 3 ruffles on.

May 13th, 2019 - What A Scrappy Week

That’s right. Last week was pretty scrappy. You know I’ve been cleaning my sewing room, trying to organize the chaos and there’s this bag of binding scraps. I use up all the little black pieces but what do I do with the rest. Well this was my first project.

I started with the brights, pressing and organizing by width and length. I thought I should make a rainbow rug for the spare room. Not all from scrap binding, but all except one yellow strip are from the scrap bin.

Now what to make with this pile.

I thought these were mostly guy colours. We need a guy comfort quilt. What about a scrap binding quilt. In guy colours. Yeah that’s what I made!

Not all fabric used was a piece of scrappy binding. The black sashing and cornerstones are from my stash. I will be making a scrappy binding to go with it. Maybe that bag will finally be empty.


April 28th, 2019 - Slow Stitching, Stash Busting and 15 Minutes To Stitch

I finally finished up Spool Snowmen. I had to sew on 23 buttons for their eyes and noses. I didn’t have the right needle and my fingers are sore from trying to push a blunt ended needle through the fabric and batting.

Then I blanket-stitched their noses on. First I had to make them. The pattern has a button pack available but it’s quite pricey so I thought I would use wool. But I didn’t have any orange wool, just some yellow. I ended up colouring the yellow wool with a orange sharpie. My fingers look like I was in the Cheezies. I love using what I have on hand. Makes me feel good!

The eyes and noses are from my button find on FaceBook. Someone was selling a giant box of buttons for $40- and I bought it. I spent a day sorting out the buttons by colour and clipping off any threads I found. Once again my hands were filthy. I make sure to wash the buttons as I use them.

I also finished up the stitching on this Crabapple Hill project.

Now all I need to do is decide pillow or wall hanging. Then get it done!

I finished up a couple of Christmas table runners/ wall hangings. They needed to be quilted and bound. That’s 3 things off my UFO list.

I put a lot of quilting in to the Snowman Trio. It was all layered and basted, ready to be quilted. I blanket-stitched the larger raw-edged applique and straight-stitched the small pieces. A little stippling in the background. The side borders are holly leaves, the top border is snowflakes and spirals from a Lori Kennedy book and the bottom border is layered trees that I chalked on. I really like how it turned out.

This one, Snow Happens, was getting done until my old machine started skipping stitches. I must have ripped out the stippling 3 times before I gave up. On the borders I stitched-in-the-ditch and then it’s all stippled around the snowmen. Binding on both pieces is all by machine. I love my Bernina #71 foot for binding. It is a lap-seam foot but someone figured out how to use it for binding. What a genius! I love how the binding turns out. And instead of spending hours hand-stitching the binding down, they are done! Now to move on to other exciting projects.

As for stash busting, I failed. Oops! I made a quilt for a shop and got paid in fabric. That’s okay as I do have a plan for it. More wallets. Just in time for Canada Day.

Now for some numbers.

Fabric used this week: 6.32 yds

Fabric used YTD: 57.89 yds

Fabric added this week: 6.6 yds

Fabric added YTD: 25.8 yds

Net fabric busted: 32.09 yds

And on the stitching front, I have managed to stitch 27 hours this week. I really range in my daily stitching times. Some days it’s only a hour or 2 but then there are those marathon days where I get in 5 to 8 hours. I love those days the best!

I’m linking up with Donna at quiltpaintcreate for the Stash Report, with Kate at Life in Pieces for the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge and with Kathy at Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday.

Have a great week!

April 21st, 2019 - Happy Easter

Just a quick post. My mom broke her leg so I’ve been running back and forth from the Complex Care place and home. Craziness! And I have managed to sew every day fro the last 2 weeks. Imagine that! Lots of hand stitching has been done while I sit around waiting for doctors and geriatric nurses to meet with us. And I’m still not finished my latest embroidery. Almost done but not yet.

One the stash front, all I’ve been doing is quilting a few quilts while my friend was away and getting the bindings on them. Three quilts out of the 6 quilted in the last month are already in use. I did sign up for a monthly box of goodies and I’m thinking I don’t need it but the price was right. Maybe quilty gifts for a few quilty friends. Or wallets in funky new fabric. Who knows? And I didn’t include it in my totals yet. Here are my numbers.

Fabric used this week: 1.94 yds

Fabric used YTD: 51.57 yds

Fabric added this week: 0 yds

Fabric added YTD: 19.2 yds

Net fabric busted: 32.37 yds

Linking up with Kate at Life in Pieces and Donna at quiltpaintcreate.

April 8th, 2019 - Squirrel!

Yesterday, I finished up the binding on 2 quilts. I have one project on the go but it doesn’t interest me today. I really should be cleaning the house and that doesn’t interest me either. But I saw a picture of a quilt on someone’s blog yesterday and I’m all gun ho to make it.

It’s from Jamie at L’ FAIR QUILTS I decided to make it a little smaller. Jamie’s version shown here measures 62×86 and that’s a little large for comfort quilts from The Quilters Three. I cut 2 rows off to make it 62×74, a perfect size. I need 50 plaids for the 6.5″ and 4″ squares. I dug around in my stash and I have 55 different homespun plaids. How cool is that! Now to start cutting all those fabrics. I will cut 2 at the same time. Our group needs some guy quilts and this is perfect.

April 7th, 2019 - New Additions

And it’s not fabric. Although I did sign up for a monthly box of goodies from Atelier Fiber Arts in Canada. For $35- CAD, which includes shipping, I get 2.5 m of fabric, thread and some other goodies. I thought it was a great deal and it’s small enough pieces of new prints that would be ideal for wallets. I think I will do this for the rest of the year and see how it goes. Some of the fabric and goodies will be gifts.

But the new addition is a Bernina 770 QE.

I’m very excited to have this awesome machine. There’s a big learning curve here but lots of YouTube videos to make it all so easy. I need to get my table reworked and have the machine set in. Once I get a large piece of Lexan (thick plexi-glass), my neighbour will do the changes for me. He is the best neighbour a person could have. He made my table originally and is ready for this challenge. My son works at a tool shop and will have the Lexan cut to the exact shape to fit the bed of the machine. Then the sewing and quilting will really begin.

I have not done much sewing as both machines were in for service. The 770 got a clean bill of health seeing as I bought it used. How can a person have this machine and want to get rid of it? I jumped at the opportunity. Anyway my Bernina 450 needed service and cleaning. It will be my back up machine and will be used for embroidery as I didn’t get the module for the 770.

In the stash department, I did a bit of sewing on my Featherweight. I had to sew something. So I started sewing 2.5″ squares together and made this quilt top.

Just thinking I need to put a few borders on this to finish it up. The only stash I used was the black, the rest from the scraps. Now for some numbers.

Fabric used this week: 1.17 yds

Fabric used YTD: 49.63 yds

Fabric added this week” 0 yds

Fabric added YTD: 19.2 yds

Net fabric busted: 30.43 yds

I bought a couple of king-sized flat sheets to use for my Dear Jane quilt top and backing but I’m not including them in any totals. I also bought another sheet to use as a backing for another quilt. We will see how that goes once I get it quilted this week.

On the 15 Minutes to Stitch Challenge, I have managed to stitch 24 hours in Week #1 and 28 hours in Week #2. Only missed one day of stitching. Lots of organizing and batting cutting going on in my sewing room. I need to make room for that big machine.

I’m linking up with Kate at Life in Pieces for the 15 Minutes to Sew Challenge and with Donna at quiltpaintcreate for the Stash Report.

Have a great week and happy stitching!