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January 6th, 2018 - The Stash 2017

Here are my final stash totals for 2017.

Total fabric used for 2017: 193.3 yds

Total fabric purchased for 2017: 151.04 yds

Net fabric busted for 2017: 42.26 yds

This is my best year since I’ve been keeping track. I also keep track of my expenses and it’s also my best year. Funny that in 2016 I bought 10 yards more and spent $1100- more. Those 10 yards were really expensive! Actually most of the fabric I bought in 2017 was on sale and I mean on sale! I bought about 80 yards for 75% off from a store that was closing. And the owner was very generous in her measuring. One yard was more like 1 1/4 yards. I think she just wanted to be done. And I included the generous amounts in my tally.

I hope to do even better this year. I only need flannel backing fabric for comfort quilts. I will use what I have and then look for a sale. I did buy some on Black Friday from Joanns but it ended up being out of stock. Lucky me!