February 10th, 2019 - Still Stitching

I’m still plugging away in the sewing room. I decided that I cannot make another quilt top until I get some of these tops quilted. And to try and use fabrics in the stash. Right! I went to a couple of quilt shops on Friday. At the first one, I checked on my wallet sales, I sold 2 and then I spent the money on some flannel for backings. At least it wasn’t for the stash.

 At the second shop,I went to pick up some buttons I ordered and bought some more fabric. Once again, it’s not for the stash but for a commissioned quilt. Funny thing about this quilt. A while back, I donated a quilt for a fundraiser and my friend from work won it. She now wants another one in similar colours for her granddaughters bedroom. Well, the first quilt was a BOM in these weird purple, greens and blues. I found some tiny leftover pieces, enough for a square or two. Nothing similar in the stash. So I bought some fabric to go with this quilt even though I didn’t have a scrap of the original fabric with me. Lucky for me, it was a  pretty close match.

Now for those numbers

Fabric used this week: 4.6 yds

Fabric used YTD: 17.57 yds

Fabric added this week: 17 yds

Fabric added YTD: 17 yds

Net fabric busted: .57 yds

Yippee! I’m still in the good. After I wash the flannel and cut it for backings, I will be back up there.

On the 15 Minutes to Stitch Challenge, I managed to stitch every day but one. The first week, I stitched every day for a total of 19 hours and last week, I missed stitching on Monday but managed to stitch all the other days for a total of 13.5 hours. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

I’m linking up with Donna at quiltpaintcreate for the Stash Report and with Kate at Life in Pieces for the 15 Minutes to Stitch Challenge.

Have a great week and stay warm!

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  1. Sunday Stash February 10, 2019 | quiltpaintcreate Says:

    […] From this point forward it goes without saying that my numbers haven’t changed. I finished the first Hand Piecing QAL block yesterday. It took way longer than it should have. Stitching it at night in my recliner wasn’t working out. Yesterday I sat in my sewing room at my sewing table, and it went much better. I needed room to spread out and better lighting. I’ll cut the next block today and take it to work to stitch at lunch The penguins will stay home and become my evening project. I’m not sold on hand piecing yet, but I admit this is the most accurate block I’ve ever sewn, without much effort to get it that way. Fabric Added: 0 Fabric Used: 0 How did you do this week? 1 Kate 2 Meloney 3 Chrisknits 4 Marti 5 Mary-Kay […]

  2. Donna Says:

    I also feel like I need to finish things to make space in the sewing room. I don’t work well in clutter.
    Your finishes will add a lot to the fabric out column.

  3. Amanda Says:

    You scored the same as me for stitching. I keep saying I’m not going to buy any fabric but I end up bringing home the pretties.

  4. Patricia Says:

    I hear you about finishing projects! Clutter drives me nuts! Good for you matching those fabrics and staying in the black! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Kate Says:

    Congrats on selling two of your projects. Sounds like you are doing well on moving projects along. Some weeks seven days just isn’t doable. Thank you for linking up with the 15 minutes to stitch.

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