January 6th, 2018 - 2017 Sewing Recap

Here’s my 2017 accomplishments

I made 76 fabric items which includes the following:

-12 pillowcases

-39 quilts completed entirely

-11 quilt tops

-6 embroidered tea towels

-2 embroidered pillows

-1 embroidered t-shirt

-1 pajama pants

-2 Featherweight case covers

-2 custom pillows

and I’m sure there is more that I forgot to record. Here is a small sampling of my 2017 projects.

I finally figured out how to do some embroidery on my machine rather than just names on stockings and Pin wallhangings. I made 9 Pin wallhangings and 5 Christmas stockings. Then all of a sudden, one day I just decided to embroider multi-colour projects. I even bought a couple of patterns from ETSY. Some are good and some not so good. At least they are relatively inexpensive.

My favourite thing from 2017 is the “Marvel-ous” pillow I made for my oldest son. I love the embroidery and the fabric that I just happened to have on hand. How cool is that!


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