March 29th, 2015 -

I’m back and boy have I been busy!  Between taking care of my mother and my brother, I barely had any time to quilt. My friend went away and I took care of her cat too. But there was a plus side to all of this. I managed to get 9 quilts quilted on her long-arm and now it’s time to get the binding on them.  And, once again, I can’t seem to get the photo off my phone into icloud. Whenever I take a picture for reference for something I’m looking for while shopping, it shows up on my icloud instantly and I can never seem to get rid of it. But when you want a photo to show up, it never does. The joys of computers. I should just use my big camera and get it over with. Anyway, here is my stash numbers.

Fabric used this report: 38.93 yds

Fabric used YTD: 64.41 yds

Fabric added YTD: 101.25 yds

Net fabric busted: -36.84 yds

Most of the fabric purchased is for backings. Some was for finishing a BOM that I’m doing this year. I can’t believe that I actually signed up for 2 BOM’s. What am I, nuts? Like I don’t have enough projects on the go already. Oh well, nothing like adding a few more to the mix to keeps things interesting. Anyway, there’s a few more quilts to be quilted that I just didn’t have time for. One I started but didn’t like how it was coming out, so I took it off the frame and now have to unpick all the quilting on it. I guess I’ll have to  practice more on my friend’s long-arm to get the results I’m looking for. She told me she’s going away again in May. Hmmm……… I guess I’ll be quilting a few more then.

Have a great week and let’s hope the weather becomes more spring-like!

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