February 23rd, 2014 - The Stash

Week 8 already and my stash usage remains the same. I’ve been busy caring for my brother who has heart issues and can’t be on his own. He will be staying with us until he has surgery, hopefully in 2 to 3 months. It will be a challenge to see how much quilting I get done as I can’t hear him when I’m in the sewing room. I guess it will be mostly hand sewing and whatever I get done at night when there’s someone else here. But usually by then, I’m ready to crash. Lately I’ve been going to bed pretty early. You never know when you might have to get up in the middle of the night.

Have a great week!

Oh yeah, Canada won the gold again!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

4 Responses to “The Stash”

  1. Bev Gunn Says:

    Give him a bell to ring when he wants you for something! I grew up with my grandpa an invalid and Mom used the bell so she could be in the kitchen and Grandpa could call her when needed! (one of those annoying bells called a “school house bell”) It works! Hugs and prayers for your family!

  2. Charlene S Says:

    Hope things get better soon.

  3. Mary-Kay Says:

    Thanks Bev. The bell is a great idea. I told my husband and he starts joking around and said to get a big cow bell and my brother could wear it around his neck like the lepers in old days. Humour keeps us all sane.

  4. Dee Dee Says:

    My mother has a whistle she uses. I would go crazy if I couldn’t work on my quilts. Could you move your sewing machine to be closer to your brother?

    What a blessing for your brother to have you in his life!

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