December 30th, 2013 - The Final Stash Report for 2013

I haven’t been able to get anything done. Too many things going on in this house and with my very large family. Every time I think I could spend some time sewing, there’s an emergency happening or someone is coming to visit or I have to do something for my mom or babysit or……. You know how it goes. Anyway, I think I’m changing my phone number or moving to a deserted island that has electricity and running water. That’s all!  So on that note, here are my numbers for this year.

Fabric used YTD: 151.23 yds

Fabric added YTD: 208.99 yds

Net fabric busted: -57.76 yds

One good thing is that these numbers are better than last year. I’ve been keeping a running total since I started doing stash busting reports and I can say that my sewing room  is well insulated. This coming year will be a year of finishing projects and using up some of this stash. As of December 31, 2013, I will be retired and the stash cash will be reduced considerably. I have lots of new techniques that I want to try out and an embroidery program that I can finally take the time to figure out. All fun things, I hope!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and enjoys the New Year!


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