October 20th, 2012 - Machine Embroidery 101

Okay, so I finally tried out the embroidery module on my Bernina. I’ve only had it since last Christmas. It works pretty good when the thread doesn’t break. Four times in the same area and I have no idea why. Now I’ll just have to experiment to find what thread, stabilizer and tension works. The dreaded learning curve! So here’s what I made.

20121020-120238.jpg I think it came out great. I also bought some software from Floriani that allowed me to be more creative. The fonts that are available are awesome. And it was pretty easy to figure out. I’ve never even done any embroidery on any machine ever before and I managed to do this without that much help. I facetimed my sister who has the same machine and she walked me through most of it. Now to figure out how to start where the thread broke and I’ll be a little less frustrated. It’s still pretty cool and I’m excited to try again. Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Allie Says:

    HAVE FUN!!!! I normally use tear-away stabilizer for everything – and for dense designs, I use two layers, and criss-cross them. I loved using mine for quilt labels – creating borders, adding small designs, and making the lettering match it all. I haven’t machine embroidered in a long time!

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