January 23rd, 2010 - Picture Thingie

 That’s how I describe it. Actually it’s a photo, printed on fabric and adhered to some more fabric with some thread play on it and then framed with a binding and mounted on a canvas frame. Picture thingie!

 So this is how it looks before I added anything to it. To me it needs something. I really love the backgroung fabric. When I first bought some of this fabric, I only bought one yard and then went back and bought 2 more yards of it. There’s some fusible batting behind to give it some body. I don’t put anything else behind it and when it’s being stitched, the batting doesn’t get caught in the machine.

And this is the Picture Thingie. All stitched up and mounted on a frame, ready to be hung on a wall, I hope. The only thing I highlighted  is the trees. A little free motion thread stitching in 2 tones of gray. I also used a fabric marker and  traced the front door. If you enlarge the photo it really stands out but it doesn’t look that prominent for real. I made it for my friend’s aunt and she loved it. So I guess it will be hanging on a wall.

  Last night I went to see Jann Arden (Canadian singing artist and comedian) with 10 other ladies. We had box seats but were a little to the right of the stage. If I was going to a concert at the new WFCU arena, I wouldn’t want to sit in box seats again. I’d rather be down center stage. Jann talks a lot during her show and we couldn’t understand what she was saying. But you could hear the music great, if some of those women I went with would be quiet. The best parts about box seats are the waitress who brings you drinks and the food we had pre-ordered. There’s a small fridge to keep your beer cold,which you had to order it in 3’s and the bathrooms up there are not used a lot so they are nice and clean. Anyway it was a great evening out with my friends

 Now to clean up my sewing room and get some stash used up. Have a great day. And Lori, if you read this, it’s supposed to be 38 today and 47 tomorrow. The worst part is it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Now that part sucks. Why would I want to move unless it was to somewhere where there was never any snow or cold weather. I’d visit but only in the warmer months. I don’t think I’m even going to visit my own sister who lives in Northern Michigan until at least July. By then the snow should be melted.


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  1. Allie Says:

    I love your picture thingie! What a great idea. Very pretty – that background fabric is awesome.

    Sounds like a great evening out! Too bad you couldn’t understand what she was saying though. It’ll be almost 50 here tomorrow, rain all day, and I’ll be out in it – Cathy and I are going to a different Joann’s. Ever hopeful, that’s us.

    The cold will be back in a few days – I agree, head to FL. Stop and pick me up on the way.

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