December 22nd, 2009 - Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

 You are so ugly!

P1050528 [640x480]

 Doesn’t my tree look pathetic?  I had to shape the branches and while I was doing that , one of the branches came off. It’s only 2 years old and we didn’t even put it up last year.  I loved my old tree but it was getting all ratty looking and the wire branches were coming off. Next year I’m looking for a really nice tree right after Halloween.



P1050547 [640x480]

 Now my tree looks like this. It’s amazing what some lights and decorations can do to an ugly tree. And they always look pretty all lit up in a darkened room.




P1050535 [640x480]

 I tried to take a few photos ala Sue Hecker and spent most of my time deleting them. I found out that I got the best results with the round bulbs.




P1050533 [640x480]

 My friend, Peg, painted this bulb. She makes the most beautiful painted things.





P1050552 [640x480]

 And Peg painted this one too. They are so pretty and delicate looking. I usually hang them fairly high up on the tree just in case some little fingers try to grab them.




I wish you and your families a very  Merry Christmas!


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  1. Vivian Says:

    It is amazing what lights and decorations will do. I also have a tree that I told my husband 2 years ago not to let me box up but put in the dumpster. There were so many needles on the floor when I got it out and put it together I knew it would be the last year. But . . . I got it decorated and it is beautiful. Needless to say, two years later, I am not planning to part with it.

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