November 12th, 2009 - You Missed Me?

All I ever seem to post about is the stash report. I actually have been sewing this week. I decided to make my mother’s blinds, only about one and a half years late. She doesn’t mind because she likes looking outside except when they sit down to dinner and they get blinded by the sun. I’ve got the main body of one done and am now working on the second one.. There are 3 to do. And then I have to make a blind for my bathroom but it won’t have a pieced body. It’s really easy but you know how these things take time. I’ll post some pics tomorrow of the finished products. I also have to go and paint the window frames so I can hang the blinds. My sister is going to help me do that tomorrow night.

See you then.


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  1. Allie Says:

    Stuff like that always seems to take me longer than a full-size quilt, lol – guess my heart’s just not in it.

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