October 21st, 2009 - And Remember Don’t Snip Too Close……

…to the sewn line. Or else after you wash your rag quilt you will have to re-sew a whole lot of seams. I didn’t think that I was that close but apparently I was. After washing the 3rd rag quilt I noticed a giant hole in the seam. Then I started checking out every seam and I must have snipped 20 or so threads. So for the next quilt I marked the scissor with the maximum snip allowance possible. Now it took me a while but I don’t think that I’ll be messing up any more rag quilts.


 This is the 1st rag quilt. I just love the colours. The fabric wasn’t  purchased to go together but it works and it’s all from the stash.




P1050204 This is the 2nd quilt. I like it but am not crazy about it. I like all the fabric together but it doesn’t do anything for me. Today I snipped a purple one (#4) and it’s now in the wash.




Have a great evening.


2 Responses to “And Remember Don’t Snip Too Close……”

  1. the quilt rat Says:

    oh it really won’t matter all that much if you like the colour or not when winter hits………..those rag quilts are so lovely to hide under on a cold winter evening

  2. Allie Says:

    Lovely!!!!! I did one that I totally FORGOT to snip. And then washed it. You simply can’t snip after they’re washed.
    Good job girl, very happy quilts!

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