September 26th, 2009 - My Stash

Judy wants to see some pictures of other quilters stashes. So here goes.

P1040602 (Small)

 I condensed a lot of piles that were on the counter and reorganized my shelves. I managed to fit all the fqs under the cutting table and the whites, browns and blacks plus some fabric that is from specific lines that I want to keep together.



DSCN2094 (Small)

 I also have this Expedit shelf from Ikea with the Bana baskets that are chock full of fabric. Every shelf but the three that have books on them is full. I can’t squeeze another piece in there. When I bought the cutting table I reorganized the baskest and drawers by colour. I can’t believe how much fabric of one colour that I have-one basket is just pink. On top there are 4 small baskets of scraps. I have to do another scrappy quilt or 2 or 3 or 4…..



DSCN2096 (Small) This is looking into my sewing room. I think it looks really messy but I’ve cleaned it up and hopefully it stays that way. I have lots of stuff hanging  and piled up on the counter. It’s hard to be creative when you don’t have enough space to lay things out.



What’s your stash look like?


11 Responses to “My Stash”

  1. Allie Says:

    Holy cow – that is some stash, and your sewing room is to die for! I actually have all my stash in two dressers. No pics, it’s not worthy, lol.

  2. Jen Eskidge Says:

    I love the Ikea shelves idea. The stash looks wonderful.

  3. Mary Says:

    Oh my – now that is some stash! Mine is called stash because it is stashed in every spare nook and cranny all over the house (even in the television entertainment center cabinet!). I just started working on creating a sewing room – hopefully I’ll eventually get it all in one place someday

  4. Kare in OH Says:

    Are those pantographs to the left of the Expedit unit? Do you have a longarm too?

  5. Howdy Says:

    I love the Ikea cabinets… you’ve got lots of wonderful space there! My studio is on the third floor so I have sloped roofs to contend with on 2 sides and on either end are the cast iron radiators so I can’t even use that space to shove a cabinet up next to. Eventually I’ll get mine set back up.

  6. Michele's Quilting Journey Says:

    What a totally fabulous space! And what’s messy to one person, is a dream come true for another! Hey, it was just great fun seeing such a wonderful room!

  7. Rick Says:

    That is a great sewing space and you are quite organized. The Ikea storage solution is wonderful – it looks great and it’s quite functional for fabrics and other things too! Thanks for sharing

  8. Eileen C Says:

    I love your sewing area! nice and neat! the storage you have is fabulous

  9. Julie Says:

    Wow! Mine is a mess, I love your organization!

  10. Jerzydeb Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics with me. My sewing room also doubles as my office, and the schoolroom for my 3 girls – so no chance to leave anything out. Sigh. One day they’ll grow up and move out and I’ll miss them like crazy – but I’ll also have time to sew!

  11. myra Says:

    You have lovely pieces of furniture in your sewing-room!! One day, maybe I too will have such… 😎
    Thanks for sharing…

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