September 7th, 2009 - Fabric Dyeing Attempt #1

Well, Deb and I finally dyed some fabric. Not yards of it like some of the dyers do but a little bit of each colour.

P1040848 (Small)

 Here’s our assortment of dyes. I think we had 13 different colours. It was loads of fun and yes I would do it again. Once you get started it’s not all that hard.




P1040852 (Small)

 I did some cheesecloth, some dryer sheets and  dye catchers in every colour. There’s lots  of embellishments  for future projects. I also dyed some dyers cloth but mostly in varigated colours.




P1040850 (Small)

 A nice assortment of colours. I really like the blues we dyed but that’s one of my favourite colours.




P1040847 (Small)

 Here’s me, pretending I know what I’m doing. Not!





P1040855 (Small)

  The drying shed. It started to rain while we had all the fabric laid out on cardboard on the patio. My son quickly rigged up 2 lines in the garage for us to use.




P1040854 (Small)

More colours. We weren’t trying to make the fabric all one colour. It was truly an experiment for both of us. As we dyed, we would come up with more ideas and that produced more colour variations.




P1040853 (Small)

 I think we  lean toward the blues and purple colour variations. And a little bit of green thrown in.




P1040857 (Small)

Deb experimented using glue as a resist (bottom left) and a coaster as a stamp(top right). I like the way they turned out. The glue resist one looks like mason jars. Possibilities!




P1040849 (Small)

 It was fun just playing around and mushing in the colours. We had little spray bottles and eye droppers that I picked up from Sally’s Beauty Supply. The spray bottles only held about 6 pumps of dye. We were always filling them up. And the eye droppers worked great to get the dye exactly where you wanted it. Most of the time!



 My youngest son dyed a landscape for Deb. He made like he was oil painting. It turned out really nice but I forgot to get a picture of it. Once you add some layers of bits of fabric on top and a little thread play it’s going to make a really nice wallhanging. Next time we mix up some colour I’m going to get him to do one for me too.

That’s it for Deb’s and M-K’s dyeing adventure #1. Happy stitching!


3 Responses to “Fabric Dyeing Attempt #1”

  1. Karen L Says:

    it looks like you had way to much fun dying things….I’ve only dyed one set of fabrics myself…….just way to many things to do.


  2. jean Says:

    This looks like so much fun, I want to try dyeing…

  3. the quilt rat Says:

    Your dyeing experiments look wonderful! so much fun.

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