May 25th, 2009 - Recent Endeavours

And I had to look up endeavours up in the dictionary too! Here are a couple of pictures of my garden.


Ever since I planted these gerber daisies I  thought that it should be a photo. I just love the colour. All the plants behind are green and this colour just stands right out. I even used black mulch so it makes it even more vibrant.




This is one of the planters that I did up. We even bought new solar lights. This one is a LED light and when it’s on there is a star-like effect from the cut of the globe.





I was trying to make a magazine photo. I couldn’t get the quilt right and I don’t think it’s the right colour for those pink geraniums. We still need to power wash the bench, sand it then reseal it. Maybe next weekend.





I had 2 really big black-eyed susan plants that I divided into 4 each. They really suck up the water right now. I didn’t water yesterday and they were looking pretty wilted. The stepping stone was made by my youngest son and myself when he was  little.





I really like irises. This one is in the back garden along the fence. There is a couple of grass plants behind it which , once again, we divided up. Boy do they do nicely back there. I think last year they were at least 8 feet tall. They make a nice living fence.





Lastly on the gardening part of this post, this is my new patio set. It’s wrought iron and I love the rocker chairs. Very soothing when you are just sitting there relaxing. My husband now wants a full length glider bench thing with some kind of canopy so he can sleep on it. The neighbour behind us hasa glider swing and it faces our house and he’s always sleeping on it and I don’t like it. One of the reasons that I would like some kind of privacy fence or privacy shrubs. I’m working on that for next year I hope.


Now for some quilty things,


This is what I worked on yesterday. The center is a photo of the lighthouse in Tobermory, ON and it’s printed on to fabric. It’s a really cool technique and I am impressed with the results. The top fabric is just a single piece of cloud fabric whereas the bottom is a background piece with  a lot of little pieces glued on to it. I also used dyed paper towels and dyed cheesecloth to give it depth. I am now saving my dryer sheets to dye and want to do cheesecloth and paper towels too. This technique was taught by Michele Dobrin and I really want to take another class by her.


And now for the family part of this post.



 Calgary is missing 2 residents for a few weeks. Here’s the surprise baby with her Mom, Grandma and 2 cousins. It’s not the greatest photo but it has great people in it. I think the baby is adorable and everyone had a great time visiting with her and her mom. We got to hear the birth story straight from the mom and it’s pretty incredible. They are so lucky to have a child with no problems when there was no prenatal care. They must be pretty healthy out there in the wild west.


p1030726-small Lastly, aren’t those sunglasses the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I think so. The things for babies now are really neat.




Well, I think that’s enough for now. Happy stitching.


P.S.  I’ve been trying to take better photos. The one of the family isn’t one of them. I been following tips from Sue H. at on her Photo Fridays. I hope to improve and I also hope to  get  a new camera. M-K

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  1. jean Says:

    I want to try this technique. I haven’t yet, but have it on the mental list of things to do this summer. I love it!

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