March 26th, 2009 - Music Quilt

Well, I’ve actually started the music quilt that I intend to give to the school to raffle  to raise money for their trip next year. The music teacher loved the first block and I showed her a picture of a quilt with the same blocks and she got the idea. She is not a quilter. I will post pictures later as I don’t know where the camera is at this moment.

Speaking pf cameras, last night, hubby and I went to a couple of computer stores. I needed a new keyboard and mouse and he neede some backup thingie. I have been looking around for a new camera and the one I thought I wanted is no longer to be found. The guy at one shop said they cleared it out  last month. So what does that mean? He said that when the store does this, it usually means a whole new line is coming in. Seeing as my son is taking photography next year, I think that I will wait and see if he wants to get a bigger and better camera and I’ll just use his smaller model which takes great pics as far as I’m concerned.

 Anyway I’m off to get an ultrasound on my knee to see what that swelling is on the back of it. I’ll sew some more blocks and post a pic later.

Happy stitching


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