March 17th, 2009 - Last Week

 I forgot that last week wasn’t spent  just cutting up scraps and cleaning my cutting table. I also made a pair of pajama pants for my sister, Connie. She is the “Liar” of the family and doesn’t even know how to sew.

That sounds awful but she is a liar. One time my other sister, Annette and I had a table at a craft show. We were given one badge that said “Crafter” for free coffee and goodies. So Connie wore the badge to go get us some coffee. Annette’s friend walked up and pointed to Annette and said “crafter”, pointed to me and said “crafter” then pointed to Connie and said “Liar”. which is true. She definitely isn’t a crafter but is the best craft supporter that I know.

Anyway back to the pjs. It only took me 3 hours to make them from start to finish. I have not heard if they fit or not. But it got more stuff out of my sewing room. Connie’s material so it’s not part of my stash. And I took that wall hangingto my friend’s house. She loved it and that’s more stuff gone. Brenda asked me if I counted the fabric she gave me to make my own wall hanging but I didn’t because I used it right away. I only counted what fabric I added and then of that what I used. When it’s finished I’ll count the backing as stash busted.

 My hubby is always asking me if I went on my blog. He left a comment for me on my fabric buying. Like I didn’t tell him I was going to buy something for borders for the wall hanging. He thinks he “busted” me. He’s such a goof some times but I love him anyway.

That’s all for now. Happy St Patty’s Day!


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