February 26th, 2009 - And The Clan Gets Bigger

My nephew’s girlfriend has been sick, seeking medical attention for the last year. On Tuesday morning she thought her appendics had burst  and Kyle rushed her to the hospital. She was whisked to the back of the ER while Kyle filled out the various forms at the triage desk. The doctor came over to him with a case worker and asked him how he felt about having children. He said he wasn’t ready for that yet and then the doctor said “Congratulations, you are a father” He almost passed out! Apparently Lauren had seen a doctor 2 times in the last 9 months for stomach issues and a pregnancy test was never done. You always hear about this in the news but it’s true. And this girl is tiny. How could she not notice a baby growing in her stomach. And so is the baby, 2.68kilos or 5.9lbs.  Now I have to get busy, use up some stash and make a baby quilt for this little one.

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