January 28th, 2009 - Snow and More Snow

Well, it snowed again!!!!!!  I really do not like this weather at all. Today, somebody on my route said “How can there still be talk of global warming when we have all this snow”  Who knows?

 Anyway I went to the doctors for the results of my knee xray and he said I have arthiritis. I need a cortisone shot and to shed a few pounds. He said that for every pound you carry, it adds 7 times that on your knees. I can believe that especially when I get up in the morning, no pain and by the end of the day- lots of pain. And I have to continue icing it.

 On the quilting front I hand sewed binding on the baby quilt and 2 table toppers from Patchalot Patterns. I just looked at all the Christmas Tree table toppers on her site  and they are really nice. I think that I am going t o do a little more quilting on mine.

 Other than that I am going to start on something new tonight. Right after dinner. I still can’t decide.

Talk to you later.


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  1. Patchmaker Says:

    If you figure out a way to shed those few pounds, let me know! I’m waiting for the ice to melt so I can walk more – at least that’s my excuse these days . . . . .


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