October 16th, 2008 - No New Stuff

I still haven’t sewed anything. I am out pricing bathroom vanities. Should I go custom or stock? The ones that are mass produced don’t look all that great. And then some of the custom made ones are so expensive that I think that the cabinet makers are nuts. I wish that I knew how to build cabinets. My neighbour knows how but he is a very busy person. One time he made an armoire and I asked my hubby if he wished to do that kind of thing and he said it didn’t interest him. Anyway this adventure takes lots of my spare time. Plus I have company coming on Friday night and I have to clean. Well maybe I’ll just a page out of Ada Moyles book Crazy About Quilting: Confessions of an Average Quilter “Just light some candles and turn the lights down low”. You got to love that!

That’s all for now.


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