February 11th, 2018 - My Week in the Sewing Room

Well, it’s been a good week. No emergencies of any kind!  I took my mother to the doctor for a follow up appointment and she was good. Blood pressure was still in the low range and her breathing and O2 levels are great. No specialist required. Except for her early January hospital stay. She finally gets to see the surgeon on Tuesday. Hopefully all will be good there. Who wants to go through another colonoscopy after having colon cancer treatment. Not her! She said she’s tired of the whole thing and I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. We will see.

On the fabric front, last week I purchased a load of flannel and it’s all washed up, ready to be used as backings. I need to cut it up because I have no place to put it. All the drawers are full and to think I needed to buy more. I’m a little OCD in the matching department and it has to at least go with the front of the quilt for me to use it. No using the wrong shade green or blue for me.

I managed to cut out 2 jelly roll quilts, one for my sister and one for me because I liked her colour choices. I’ve never made a jelly roll quilt before. Now I want to make another one. These are great as comfort quilts because they are super fast and easy but still really nice when you pick the right colours. My go-to quilt pattern for comfort quilts is Simply Squares and now I think it’s a jelly roll quilt.

I’m linking up with Donna at QuiltPaintCreate for my stash report.

Fabric used this week: 8.54 yards

Fabric used YTD: 22.87 yards

Fabric added this week and YTD: 36.64 yards

Net fabric busted: -14.77 yards

I’ve been sewing most days except for Thursday and Saturday. But looking at  my total hours, it doesn’t really matter. I had appointments on Thursday and the grandkids on Saturday and they are still here as I write this. Friday I sewed for 9.5 hours, trying to get On Ringo Lake done. And it’s not done but will be this week. I don’t like to start another project until the one I’m working on is done. So the push is on because I’m going crazy with all these ideas and patterns and fabric to create something new.

I’m linking up with Kate at LifeinPieces for 15 Minutes to Stitch.

Sewing or related activities Sunday to Wednesday : 16 hours

Sewing on Friday: 9.5 hours

Total hours: 25.5 hours

Oh and I had a call about my sewing machine. Apparently it needs a spring that controls the feed dogs and then the tech can see why it doesn’t zigzag on the right once he replaces the spring. So far $7.50 for the spring and $140- for the cleaning/service. I hope it is just a timing issue. Fingers crossed!



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  1. Sunday Stash February 11, 2018 | quiltpaintcreate Says:

    […] No fabric in this week. I went back and looked and I haven’t added fabric since the end of July. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself. I finished the Bouquet quilt for modest usage. It’s only 30” long. Finishing this quilt was my February OMG. I started appliqueing it in the summer of 2004. I don’t remember how long it took, just that I sat in my car during lunch at work and stitched on it. It’s my first UFO finish this year. I’m going to add what I spend on quilting supplies to my stash numbers this report. I see a couple other bloggers doing it and I’m curious about how much I spend a year. I don’t think I overspend because I buy mostly at sales and thrifts. I’m rounding to the nearest dollar because who wants to track pennies? Fabric In: 0 Fabric Out: 1.5 Net Fabric Used: 1.5 Quilt & embroidery spending: $13 How did you do this week? 1. Melissa G 2. Julie in GA 3. Meloney 4. Kate 5. Chrisknits 6. MartDIY 7. Quilting Gail 8. Mary-Kay […]

  2. Donna Says:

    I understand what you mean about working on one thing at a time. More and more it bothers me to have multiple projects spread out everywhere. Seems like I can never find anything.

  3. Patricia Says:

    Hello There! Yes, I love having my grandbabies as well! I’m glad your mom’s appointment went well. You seem to be sewing quite a bit – great progress! I checked out the Simply Squares pattern – sure is pretty!

  4. Chris Says:

    I hope it’s not serious either. My machine is giving me fits and I just had it serviced in August. It shouldn’t be acting up!

  5. Kate Says:

    Glad that things are looking OK for your mother. I agree, there are many more fun things than a colonoscopy! You did great on the stitching front. Hope you have a very productive week.

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