February 4th, 2018 - The Stash

Well, I didn’t post last week due to my mom being hospitalized. She ended up having pneumonia but her symptoms were so weird. On Saturday, she was so confused, not a normal thing and she ended up in the ER.  She had really low blood pressure, a slight fever and this confusion which cleared up once the EMTs got her outside. I immediately started thinking gas leak but they assured me that it wasn’t that. Besides she has monitors in the house. Anyway, the ER did their tests and she had pneumonia in her lower left lung, the silent kind. Boy did she dodge a bullet there!  And still with no indicators that she has pneumonia. She is on the mend, back home where she wants to be.

I did manage to do a lot of hand stitching while she was in hospital. I finished the third panel of Cool Guys and now I’m on the fourth and final piece. Hopefully this will go much faster and won’t languish in the bag for another year. My “One Hour to Sew’ this past week is a little down, only 17 hours of sewing with most of that done in hospital. The week before I managed to sew for 30.5 hours. Still trying to finish On Ringo Lake. It’s taking forever and I really, really want to be done and work on something else! I hope to get it done in the next day or two.

My stash took a giant hit yesterday. Hubby and I went over to Detroit to pick up a few parcels at MyDetroitAddress and decided to check out Joanns to see if there were any deals. I couldn’t believe how much flannel I got! It was one of those “Start the car” deals. I bought 36 plus yards of flannel for $91., that’s about $2.50 per yard. And I couldn’t believe I even found any to buy. Usually the selection is so picked over, you have to get bits and pieces to make up enough for a backing. I use the flannel for backings for comfort quilts that 2 friends and I make for people with life altering illnesses. This makes it easier to give away 12 to 15 quilts a year.

Here is my numbers for the last 2 weeks

Fabric used this week: 1 yard

Fabric used YTD: 14.33 yards

Fabric added this week: 36.64 yards

Fabric added YTD: 36.64 yards

Net stash busted: -22.31 yards

I am going on a sewing/quilting retreat the first weekend in March and my sister is coming too. She has never quilted before and this should be interesting. Anyway, I’m cutting up a jelly roll for her to sew her first quilt. All black, grey and white with a black and red border. It’s going to be gorgeous! That will bring those numbers up and I will be cutting up some backings once I get that flannel washed up. Next week’s report will be looking good!

I’m linking up with Donna for the stash report at QuiltPaintCreate and with Kate at Life-in-Pieces for !5 Minutes to Sew.

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  2. Juliana Ellington Says:

    How cool that you found so much flannel on sale! Glad your mother is improving. That sounds like a scary situation with a good ending.

  3. Donna Says:

    Glad your mom is on the mend. Hand work is good to take to the hospital. I always sat by the window so I wouldn’t need a light and mom could sleep.

  4. Kate Says:

    So glad they caught the pneumonia. Glad your mom is back home and resting. You still managed to get in some great stitching time even with all the chaos. Thanks for linking up this week.

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