January 3rd, 2016 - It’s A New Year

Here we are in a new year. Once again, I’ll see if I can keep track of fabric used and fabric purchased. Since starting a stash report in 2009, I’m amazed at how my fabric purchases have added up. In 7 years of posting, I’ve used 1273.95 yards of fabric, purchased 1486.305 yards of fabric with my stash accumulating 212.355 yards of fabric. Plus the 6.5 yards I received as a gift for Christmas or my birthday (just days apart). So that stash total should be 218.855 yards.

Right now, all I want to do is start some new projects but I’ve got mending to do for my son. I already hemmed 2 pairs of pants, labelled my grandson’s clothes for daycare and now I just need to mend some pants. Once I get that done, I’m starting something new. Oh but I need to make a t-shirt sample quilt for a class I’ve been asked to teach. And then I can start something new, I hope.

My youngest son bought me a $100-gift card for the local quilt shop and I have a loyalty card for $25- for the same shop. Fabric is calling me. I do need a few non-quilty items so I hoping to use them to buy said items and leave the fabric there. Obviously, I’ve purchased enough fabric there and with the Canadian dollar tanking, fabric prices have really gone up. The last fabric I bought there was 17.87/meter plus tax (13%). Can you believe that? Usually I buy a lot of fabric in the States but with the dollar the way it is, that’s not even profitable for me. I guess I better start using up this gigantic stash until the dollar gets better. Besides I have no money anyway. We finally finished our kitchen after 3 years of not having one. Well a really small one and now it’s still smallish but loads of counter space and still empty cupboards.

Until next week. Toodles!


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  1. Liz Says:

    Hello again! I’m restarting reading quilt blogs, writing on my own, sewing and stash reporting. Need to get some of stash used up… We’ll catch up on things over the year. It’s scary how many names I am remembering when I look at the list on Patchwork Times!

    I was in Michigan in fall of 2014 – I did wave across the lake, knowing you were sewing away!


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