January 15th, 2012 - The Stash

Well, it finally snowed. Whoopi! And as far as I’m concerned, it can now melt. It looks pretty and since the city uses salt on the roads ,my car needs washing and the entryways at my house are all messy. Who wants to wash their car in below zero weather! Your locks and doors freeze shut. I’ll have to wait until a nice sunny day and do it first thing in the morning.  Anyway on to the stash.

 I quilted 2 quilts this weekend and I’m hoping to get a 3rd done this week. On the 2 I have done, all that is left is the hand-sewing of the binding and I plan on doing that next week.  I need a stash of hand projects in the next couple of weeks because I’m going for surgery and won’t be doing much of anything after. Maybe I’ll leave my computer downstairs  so I won’t be tempted by any on-line sales. You know when you get bored you start browsing quilt shops on-line and next thing you know, you have a cart full of fabric. I better find some more hand projects. Back to the stash.  I managed to use a bit more of it and not add anything so I’m good. Here’s some numbers.

Fabric used this week: 3.49 yds

Fabric used YTD: 9.45 yds

abric added this week and YTD: 0 yds

Net fabric busted:9.45 yds

 Have a great week and I’ll be back in 2 weeks. See you then!

5 Responses to “The Stash”

  1. Dee Dee Says:

    I don’t have the patience for hand sewing down bindings and am impressed with anyone who actually does it.
    Nothing wrong with filling up your cart with fabrics as it is so easy to hit the delete button.
    Speedy recovery……

  2. Sara Says:

    lol @ the full cart comment. I got the new Hancock’s of Paducah catalogue and dog-eared page after page. I’m pretty sure I “spent” a month’s worth of pay!

  3. Kris Says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I often fill my cart and then leave the computer b4 I hit the last button. I get to shop but I don’t spend anything – lol!

  4. Allie Says:

    Woohoo, you’re doing great! Praying your surgery goes well!

  5. Melanie Says:

    So true about the shopping comment! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

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