October 11th, 2009 - Stash Report Week # 41

 Finally I have some progress to report.  A couple of years ago, I was supposed to teach a quilting class to kids but the deal fell through-not enough kids signed up and the city cancelled the class. I love when they do that especially if you have bought all the supplies that you need for the class. In this case I bought all the fabric to make flannel rag quilts and cut it all up so all the kids would have to do it sew the squares together. No playing with rotary cutters equals no injuries. Anyway I had 46 yards of this stuff taking up space in my sewing room. So I started sewing the squares together. Now I have to sew the rows together and then start snipping the seam allowances. Sounds like fun, uh? That will be my job for next week even though my mind is overflowing with ideas for some more journal covers. I can’t stop thinking of all the possibilities. but that’s for next week.

Fabric added this week: 0 yds Oops I did it again Ha,ha!

Fabric added YTD: 224.94 yds

Fabric used this week: 47.67 yds How great is that?

Fabric used YTD: 215.36 yds

Net fabric busted: -9.58 yds I might reach my goal by year end!

I think I’m doing a great job, this week anyway, on busting fabric. Actually, I was talking to my sister on Friday while she was working at the quilt shop and she said that they were having a 40% off sale and did I need anything? I thought about it and asked if they had a couple a specific fabrics and they didn’t, so I said I didn’t need a thing. How great is that? 40% off! Am I nuts? I can’t believe I did that! I should get a medal or something but no fabric please.

 Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians! And have a great weekend.


6 Responses to “Stash Report Week # 41”

  1. Kare in OH Says:

    WOW, I am impressed with your restraint at 40% off! Now just don’t have a relapse and don’t let your sister tempt you with what she got either!

  2. Pam in KC Says:

    That’s great you were able to miss a sale. Be careful as you work on snipping the quilt and don’t over do it. Just the thought of snipping an entire quilt makes my wrist hurt.

  3. Allie Says:

    My mind reels at those numbers, Mary-Kay – yikes! And what fortitude to skip a 40% sale!

  4. Lori in SD Says:

    sounds like you had a great week. No, I don’t think I have your restraint!

  5. Donna Says:

    At 40% off I would have been there, if only to buy white muslin for dyeing.

    Good job on using up those old kits!

  6. Dianne B. in England Says:

    You’ve had a fantastic week! Well done using up all that fabric! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, too. Take care, Dianne B. in England

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