May 10th, 2009 - Stash Report Week # 19

 Hey, remember me. I only post once in a while. I haven’t been doing anything quilty this week except for the BOM I made because my friend wanted to go get this month’s block. And yes, I added that to my ever growing stash. I even purchased some more fabric. But it has a purpose , not just for the stash. And I found a free pattern for the music fabric I purchased the week before. So it wasn’t a total waste of the week. Here goes with the news.

Fabric added this week: 3.5 yds

Fabric added year-to-date: 68.28 yds 

Fabric used this week: 1.57 yds

Fabric used year-to-date: 95.77 yds

Net fabric busted: 27.49 yds

 So if I sew like a crazy person this week I might get that net fabric busted total a little higher. That is if I can stay out of the quilt store. I have to go there to pay for a kit for a class. I don’t think it has fabric in it but embellishments for a landscape class I’m taking at the end of the month. I also have to bring in a picture of a landscape so the teacher can manipulate it for my use in her class. I will post some pics when I’m done the class.

 Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms. Wouldn’t the greatest Mothers Day gift be to sew all day uninterupted and be waited on hand and foot while you are at it?  Dreams do come true but when.


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  1. Brenda Says:

    Well, that dream could come true!! Just post a big sign saying “Personal Retreat” and hire a person to come and give you a massage half way through the day, order dinner in, and pay a maid to come clean house while you are ‘busy’!! And most importantly: DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE!!!! lol!! Happy Mothers Day to you to!!

  2. Lori in SD Says:

    That’s truly a dream! I will hope along with you that “dreams come true–eventually!

  3. Karen Andersen Miller Says:

    Mary Kay,
    How have you been? I haven’t heard from you since we sewed together that day at my church. Please ping me an e-mail. I don’t have your email or phone number.
    I wanted to invite you and the other gal you brought to the sit and sew on a sewingroom tour that is being held out here in the county on Saturday, May 23rd from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. it is $5.00 a person. Let me know if you want to attend. Hey, did you go to see all the quilts at the Windsor Quilt guild show?
    We’ve been doing more reno work on our house so I haven’t gotten much sewing done in a while. But I plan to get back to it relatively soon.
    Karen Andersen Miller

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